NavXp works in Trial Mode until you purchase and activate the product. When you add the module on a page, a message will appear informing that the module is not licensed.

When you click on the Activation button, you will be redirected to a page where you can either activate the free trial or input your license key after you have purchased the module. Also here you can select the domain for which to activate the trial.

On successful purchase, you'll receive an email that contains your registration code. Please contact support if that doesn't happen for you. You can also check the spam folders first, as some providers tend to be paranoid about mail.

Copy the registration code from your email and paste it into the Key# field from NavXp Activation window. Before submitting, make sure the domain you activate for is selected in the host dropdown. All the portal aliases you have configured in your DNN application are available to choose from. When you're ready to go, hit Activate.

Important: If your registration code has already been used to activate the same host, then an existing activation message is returned. It is important to know that you can re-activate at any time. Also, for registration codes that support multiple activations, you need to know that activating for the same host any number of times counts as a single activation.

If the server you've installed NavXp on doesn't have internet access, you won't be able to activate this way. You need to contact support via email with your registration code and the host you want to activate for. You'll receive an email with the activation key and instructions on how to activate manually.