Introduction & Installation

You can download NavXp from here. What you are downloading is the trial version. It works with no limitations on localhost. On other addresses, it renders menus partially and it adds a link to the product website. NavXp stays in trial mode until you purchase and register. See theĀ Activation section for instructions.

NavXp is compatible with DotNetNuke module definition and therefore can be installed via Host > Extensions > Install Extension Wizard. Once installed, there are two ways in which you can use NavXp:

  • As a Module
  • As a Skin Object

The first option is straightforward. Simply add a NavXp module to the page you want and you will see a menu similar to the DNN default one in terms of hierarchy. To start customizing appearance or items, go into edit mode, locate the Manage button that is rendered inside the menu, and click it to open the configuration screen. For more information on configuring NavXp, the quick start is the best place to begin.

Using NavXp as a skin object requires some manual setup. Please follow the instructions in this tutorial. Once you complete the steps, the NavXp skin object can be configured in the same manner as a NavXp module: go into edit mode and locate the Manage button. Note that we are planning on automating this process in future versions to make it even easier to use.