Plugins (New in 1.7)

Plugins provide a mechanism for developers to extend what can go in the menu. So far, NavXp has allowed portal tabs and arbitrary items. Through plugins it's now possible to aggregate menu items from all kinds of data sources, such as link for a DotNetNuke Links module, users from the database, or any 3rd party module.

There are 4 ways to write plugins for NavXp:

Module Controller Integration
If you have your own module you can easily integrate with NavXp by implementing two special methods.

SQL Integration
NavXp can build plugins from XML definitions file that basically define an SQL Query that would return the menu items.

Constant List of Menu Items
This integration is also based on XML definition files, but the menu hierarchy is specified in place.

Code Integration
Link to avt.NavXp.Core assembly and implement IPlugin interface; then, let NavXp know where to load your plugin from in /DesktopModules/NavXp/Plugins/.ExternalPlugins.xml.
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